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Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes Comes to PC After 15 Years

You've heard of timed exclusivity, but what about 15 years of timed exclusivity? That's the situation with Blueside and Phantagram's Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes. Originally released on Xbox in 2005, the cult-classic action/strategy hybrid has been announced for a release on PC (via GOG and Steam) with added control schemes and widescreen support.

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Set in a dark fantasy world with vampires, orcs, knights and magic, Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes combines RTS and hack 'n' slash gameplay with a heavy metal theme to form a wholly unique gaming experience. With multiple heroes and large battlefields with diverse enemies, it's no wonder this game achieved cult status in the 15 years since its release.

Check out the reveal trailer above and keep an eye out for a release date announcement (there's currently no confirmed release date). 

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes will be releasing on PC via Steam and GOG.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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