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Leah Enters House Party Update 0.15.4

Leah Enters House Party Update 0.15.4

The adult party simulator House Party has received it's latest update, bringing it to version 0.15.4, and inviting a new guest to the festivities.

Leah is the one in question, in a brand new story featuring around 400 new lines of dialogue and "some very new, very unique items". The story also has two branches, so you'll want to replay it for more than just another romp.

However, romping isn't the only thing this update brings, as now you can fight back against those who are trying to kick your ass! Combat is now a feature, as is a virtual reality suite to practice within. You can find items and activities around the house to aid you, increasing your strength, stamina and speed. Leah also has something to do with proving how macho you are, too.

Click the blue button below to see the long patch notes.

House Party is available on Steam Early Access, and you can download the update right now if you already own it.

Read the full patch notes
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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ishan - 12:54pm, 12th October 2019

please post the download link for the latest version

Acelister - 01:33pm, 12th October 2019 Author

Sure here you go

You can buy it from Steam, the Humble store using our partner link or Fanatical using our affiliate link.