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Let's Look at the DRAGON BALL: Sparking! Zero Game Modes!

DRAGON BALL: Sparking! Zero is being eagerly awaited by fans of the franchise, but what about the game modes? Everyone knows that the game modes are a highlight of Dragon Ball games, but what can you do in the newest addition to the series? Well, in the showcase trailer, we've included Jun Furutani, Sparking! ZERO's producer expands on what to expect.

The first feature to be discussed is the Episode Battle. In this mode, you can choose as one of eight characters and relive the key battles from and Super. Interestingly, the cutscenes can be enjoyed from a first-person perspective, which will offer a new level of immersion that you won't expect. You can also make decisions as that character which will introduce alternative scenarios that you normally wouldn't expect. And don't worry, Goku and Vegeta are two of the characters you can choose from in Episode Battle.

The second discussed feature is Custom Battle. In Custom Battle, you can create your own scenarios with your favourite characters. As part of the Custom Battle, you'll find Bonus Battles, a scenario where the developers have introduced unique victory conditions and cutscenes. Depending on the characters, conditions, and cutscenes, battles can be made from scratch or from already-existing battles. So, you can even share your custom Bonus Battles with the rest of the world.

Best of all, Sparking! ZERO will also have offline multiplayer. While Online Multiplayer and Single Player have been kept in mind, the developers were keen to ensure that newcomers and veterans alike would have something to enjoy. So if you, like me, spent your entire childhood messing around in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with your friends, then I have some great news for you.

So, if you're excited, then don't worry! DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO isn't far off and will be out on the 11th of October. It'll be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, so keep an eye out for more news on what to expect! 

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