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Lies of P Super Ultrawide Compatibility Video (32:9 Resolution)

Ever since I got a Super Ultrawide monitor and converted my wife into the cult, we've been obsessed with playing games in the resolution that many have called the "best" (and equal amounts of gamers have called "too much to run" and "unnecessary", but we leave that out to make it look better). Those who own these monstrous monitors will sympathise with the pain of battling with incompatible games, messed-up FOVs, and black bars at the sides, as have I. So, to help out my fellow ultrawide lovers (and help those who might be doing some research on it as well), I've taken to creating 32:9 videos for these games. Today, we're checking out Lies Of P at a 5120x1440 resolution!

Now, soulslikes are notorious for not working out of the box in ultrawide resolutions... mostly because FromSoftware hates us, but that's beside the point. Lies of P, developed and published by NEOWIZ instead, doesn't have these same issues, and it's safe to say one thing from the demo and even part of the opening cinematic: it works nearly flawlessly from the beginning.

First 20 Minutes of Lies of P 4K Ultrawide 5120x1440 0 54 screenshot Opening Screenshot

The video above is me playing the first 20 minutes of Lies of P, which is essentially me panicking throughout what most would call the "tutorial" section to get to the first boss and equally panic that I'd die at the end. As you'll see, everything works quite perfectly without tweaking aside from a few cinematics that occur throughout the game, including boss introductions (all), the starting cutscene, and even the ending one.

Unfortunately, even at the time of writing, there is no workaround for the cutscenes, but most of the game's beauty will be as you explore Krat anyway, which is a plus! The downside, however, is that despite it being jaw-droppingly beautiful, I chose to play at 16:9 resolution, but not for what you'd think.

First 20 Minutes of Lies of P 4K Ultrawide 5120x1440 7 32 screenshot 2

While everything works and looks excellent, Lies of P feels like a significantly harder title to play through when you play in these resolutions because of the HUD elements being thrown off to the sides of the screen. With your HP, Stamina, and Fable in the top-left corner, your durability in the bottom-right corner, and your Legion and consumables in the bottom-left corner, you might spend a bit longer craning your neck side-to-side than you would in most other, less hectic titles. While I usually deal with this without a hitch, Lies of P has pretty precise management that you need to take care of, including your Stamina for blocking and tanking through attacks and your weapon durability, which proved to be so much more of a hassle when I played in 32:9.

In part, it's a psychological downside, as fighting enemies in the middle of the screen with my HP, a crane of my neck away, felt uneasy; each hit that landed felt like an itch — how much life did I lose? Do I need to use a Pulse cell? Likewise and predominantly so for Stamina management, where each attack, block, and dodge can cost a portion of this ever-necessary resource, which meant I found myself depleted sources or taking my eyes off my foe to see how much I had left unnecessarily often.

First 20 Minutes of Lies of P 4K Ultrawide 5120x1440 15 26 screenshot 3

This isn't to say that you can't play Lies of P ultrawide, and in big part, a lot of the fun and beauty lies in exploring the jaw-dropping Belle Epoque world whilst being engulfed by these Goliath-sized monitors. But when it came to boss fights, I felt the need to make my screen smaller so my management could be better handled without straining my neck. If you're willing to put up with extra difficulty, replay the game, or change the resolution for essential fights, this is a fantastic title to play on 32:9, but otherwise, it can increase the challenge by forcing your eyes off the opponent.

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

Staff Writer

Writes in her sleep, can you tell?

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Mike - 09:04am, 30th January 2024

Hi ! I recently bought an ultrawide and I see elden ring 60% screen it was a nightmare

Artura Dawn
Artura Dawn - 06:34pm, 3rd February 2024 Author

Congratulations on joining the Ultrawide Cult™! So happy to hear that more people are joining in on the trend.

If you're new, I highly recommend you check out the program Flawless Widescreen — I haven't tested it out with ELDEN RING yet, but I believe it might be able to unlock it to 32:9!