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Majesco Entertainment Re-Releasing DS Classic Monster Tale

Majesco Entertainment has announced that it will be re-releasing the 2011 DS title Monster Tale on the Switch this year. It cites the success of the recent Switch release of Double Dragon: Neon as the reason for this.

It's not clear how much the re-release will differ from the original. It appears that Double Dragon: Neon's Switch version, which emboldened Majesco to pursue Monster Tale, didn't offer any significant updates on the original (released in 2012), so it's safe to assume that the re-release of Monster Tale will stay true to the original as well.

Combining action platformer gameplay with pet management mechanics and a 2D pixel art style, Monster Tale was met with critical praise upon its release 10 years ago. Despite garnering a cult following, it failed to make a lasting impression on the wider gaming audience. Perhaps with this re-release, the title will finally receive the recognition many believe it deserves.

Monster Tale is planned for a release in 2021 on the Switch.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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