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Mechwarrior Online 1.3.388 Patch Notes

Mechwarrior Online 1.3.388 Patch Notes

What is the Battle of Tukayyid? The first big event in MechWarrior Online, currently running!

And the following changes have been made for 1.3.388:

The Battle of Tukayyid is almost upon us! To promote a better battle experience, some key Community Warfare Updates are being released in today's patch that will keep the action fair and fun. These changes include a new 'Uncontested Defense' game mode, an overhaul of the Community Warfare game mode selection method, and an extension of the cooldown period for breaking Faction contracts. Check out the Gameplay section below for details on these updates.

Adorn your Clan ‘Mechs with colors and patterns to display your individuality; your prey will remember the flair with which they were destroyed! Clan Faction patterns are now applicable to all Clan ‘Mechs, with full color channel modification available.

Diversify your DropShip with a new Inner Sphere Champion, along with 10 new 'Reinforcement' Variants (now available in the Gift Store). The Wolverine WVR-6K(C) has a custom loadout and a 30% XP boost. Read on for more details.

Change Log

New Champion 'Mech:

Wolverine WVR-6K(C)

  • Tonnage: 55
  • Engine: 275 Standard
  • Top Speed: 81 kph
  • Max Engine Rating: 375

Torso Movement:

  • 125 degrees to each side.
  • 30 degrees up and down.

Arm Movement:

  • 30 degrees to each side.
  • 35 degrees up and down.

Armor: 368 (Standard)

Internal Structure: Endo-Steel

Weapons & Equipment:

  • Head: Medium Laser
  • Left Torso: SRM 6, SRM Ammo x2, Double Heat Sink
  • Center Torso: Engine
  • Right Torso: AMS, AMS Ammo, Double Heat Sink x2
  • Right Arm: Large Laser x3


  • Head: 1 Energy
  • Left Torso: 1 Missile
  • Right Torso: 1 AMS
  • Right Arm: 4 Energy

Heat Sinks: 14 Double

Jump Jets: 0 (0 Max)
ECM Capable?: No
Module Slots:

  • Mech: 1
  • Consumable: 2
  • Weapon: 2

Movement Archetype: Medium


  • Additional Structure (RA) +18
  • Torso Turn Rate (Yaw) +25%
  • Energy Range +12.5%
  • Energy Cooldown +15%
  • Energy Heat Generation -12.5%
  • Laser Duration -15%
  • Missile Cooldown +15%
  • Large Laser Range +12.5%
  • Large Laser Heat Generation -12.5%

30% XP bonus when used.

New 'Mechs for MC and C-Bills

  • The Atlas AS7-S is now available in-game for MC and C-Bills
  • The Centurion CN9-AH is now available in-game for MC and C-Bills

New Reinforcement 'Mechs

10 new Reinforcement Variants have been released into the Gift Store.
Check out the FAQ, Loadout information, and Quirk details here!

Inner Sphere 'Mechs

  • Griffin GRF-2N
  • Highlander HGN-732B
  • Locust LCT-3V

Clan 'Mechs

  • Direwolf DWF-W
  • Gargoyle GAR-B
  • Ice Ferret IFR-B
  • Myst Lynx MLX-D
  • Nova NVA-C
  • Stormcrow SCR-B
  • Timberwolf TBR-A

Original Reinforcement 'Mechs

  • The previous stock of Clan Reinforcements are now available in-game for MC and C-Bills.
  • The OmniPods from those original Clan Reinforcement 'Mechs are also now available for direct purchase in-game.

Clan Faction Pattern Retrofits

  • All remaining Clan 'Mechs have undergone a retrofit to support the Clan Faction Patterns*.
  • The color channels for all Clan Faction Patterns have been unlocked.

* Excluding the Prime 'Invasion' Variants.

'Mech Changes

  • Kit Fox now has animated talons.
  • Kit Fox no longer has a misaligned left clavicle.


Changed the game mode selection behaviour for Community Warfare matches:

  • A planet will no longer fall back to switching to an Invasion when the next match should be a Counter Attack or vice versa. This issue was occurring if one of the invader or defenders queues did not have enough players to form a strike team.
  • A planet will now always alternate between Invasion (i.e. the Invaders have an opportunity to capture territory) and Counter Attack (i.e. the Defenders have an opportunity to recapture lost territory) matches, regardless of queue sizes

As a result of the above change, there are two new "autowin" cases:

  • The next match on a planet needs to be an Invasion match. There are enough defenders, but there are not enough invaders.
  • The next match on a planet needs to be a Counter Attack match. There are enough invaders, but there are not enough defenders.

In these "autowin" cases, a new game mode is launched (see below)

This change prevents a large queue from having the advantage of consistently generating matches that always fight to capture territory.

Added the Uncontested Defense game mode:

  • If defenders queue for a Counter Attack or Invasion and no attackers respond, an Uncontested Defense will be initiated.
  • Defenders must eliminate the attacker Drop Beacons before the match timer expires.
  • If successful, control over the contested territory will be given to the defenders.
  • The cooldown period after initiating a Contract-break in Community Warfare is now 3 days.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players would get a Pure Function Call crash.
  • Matchmaking Status percentages will now update properly when players are grouped.
  • Removed some invisible blockers in Community Warfare maps in non-Counter Attack game modes (capture point collision was not being cleaned up properly).
  • Fixed an issue where the Warhawk cockpit glass was not being affected by the 'ShowCockpitGlass' string in custom user.cfg files.
  • Fixed an issue where Faction icons were not updating properly for players joining a Group through LFG.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chat window scroll-bar would extend beyond the size of the window.
  • The client now remembers which Chat windows were open prior to loading into a match.
  • The Chat input field will retain focus after closing another Chat window or re-sizing the Chat box.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chat input field would drift up after the Chat window is re-sized.
  • New Chat windows are always given visual priority once they are created.
  • The Friends list in the Social window will no longer move focus to a player on that list when their status has changed.
  • Fixed an issue where blocking a Friend through your Social window would create a second 'Blocked' entry for that player instead of replacing the existing 'Friend' entry.
  • Error messages now correctly state why you cannot add a Blocked player as a Friend.
  • The 'Lobby Invite By Player Name' button will no longer be displayed in a full Community Warfare lobby.
  • Players who have crashed or forcibly terminated the client will now be shown as Offline after a private lobby invite to them has failed.
  • Fixed an issue where players in a Unit had the option to join a Community Warfare Unit Group when that group were actually in a Standard Group.
  • Fixed an issue where Defense Turret pedestals were missing in Hellebore Springs during the Invasion game mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Warhawk Prime Right Arm OmniPod was reporting an 'Additional Structure +21' Quirk to the Right Leg instead of the Right Arm.
  • Catapult CPLT-A1(C) Quirks have been corrected to match its non-Champion Variant.
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