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Mechwarrior Online Coming to Steam, Launch Party Announced

Mechwarrior Online Coming to Steam, Launch Party Announced

Piranha Games mech-combat game based on the Robotech franchise, MechWarrior Online is going to be launched on Steam on 10th December.  The free-to-play MMO has been around in beta for a couple of years now, but is starting to come of age with a full Steam release imminent.

The game sees players take control of bi-pedal giant robots in a 12v12 PvP arena of carnage and destruction. It's had something of a rough ride since announcement with multiple delays and a legal challenge from Harmony Gold USA to contend with, however that hasn't stopped the developers from pushing on to reach this milestone release.

In order to celebrate this, Piranha are planning a dinner party with PGI Developers and family at the Piranha Games studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada on Friday December 11th. They've also invited 50 of their fans to come and join them. You can register on their website, but be quick, you only have a day or so to register your interest.




Gary "Dombalurina" Sheppard

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