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Meet Ace and Melusi. Rainbow Six Siege's Newest Operators

Ubisoft have released a teaser for the upcoming Operation Steel Wave for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, showcasing the two new operators. 

The first new operator is Ace, a paramedic from Norway who's skill set make him an ideal choice for Team Rainbow. Said to be able to keep his calm during even the most stressful of situations, Ace is capable of making anyone in his charge feel safe and secure. 

The second operator is Melusi, who has a commitment to conservation and is part of an anti-poaching unit. Said to not be taken by surprise often, tracking and drones are her skill set.

You can see the teaser trailer above and read the most recent Ubisoft blog post to get a better glimpse of the two new operators. 

The full reveal of both Ace and Melusi, and the rest of Operation Steel Wave, will be shown off on 18th May. 



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