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Meet The Newest Addition To The SMITE Roster, Maman Brigitte, In The New Reveal Trailer

The newest addition to the pantheonic MOBA brawler, SMITE, is the consort of the god of life and death, Baron Samedi, Maman Brigitte. Titled The Protector of the Dead, this powerful deity protects mortals, but still knows how to have a good time!


Maman's passive skill, Soul Spikes, will afflict enemies hit by her basic attack with Soul Spikes, nasty-looking glowing spikes, that when reaching a stack of five, will allow Maman to absorb a bit of their soul, dealing damage to the enemy and giving her a lovely Soul Orb for the trouble. Her first active ability, Party Trick, will see her doing what she does best, drinking her special pepper-infused rum and spewing flames in a cone in front of her to engulf any unsuspecting foes! When the rum is finally gone, Maman smashes to bottle to the ground, dealing damage and possibly even stunning enemies!

Her second ability, Madame Fangs, utilizes Maman's iconic tattoo, sending Madame off her arm and into any foe in a line, passing through enemies and leaving them with her bite, which will in turn allow her master to deal extra damage! That's a good snake. Finally, her third active ability, Spirit Seize, is all about mobility! Shrouding herself in ghostly energy, Maman surges at her enemies, possessing the first enemy she hits, dealing damage over time and even moving with them!

Maman's ultimate skill, Explosion of Souls, has her rising up in the air, creating a gigantic ball of ghostly power (made even bigger by any Soul Orbs you have acquired), which can be thrown into a large AoE effect. Enemies hit are damaged, knocked up, and receive Madame's Mark for 5s. Maman Brigitte loses all Soul Orbs after using Explosion of Souls.

And there you have it, the newest god added packs a spooky punch and is the perfect being to usher us into the month of Halloween.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

Staff Writer

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