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Metro Exodus Steam Release Date Announced

Metro Exodus Steam Release Date Announced

On 15th February 2020, exactly one year after it released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Epic Games Store; Metro Exodus is set to finally release on Steam.

Last year, Metro Exodus'  year-long exclusivity to the Epic Games Store (on PC) was announced, leading to a significant amount of online controversy, especially as the game was already available to preorder on Steam prior to the exclusivity being revealed. Many players pledged to boycott Epic's client and the Metro game in protest of the decision.

A year on, it's interesting to see how the Epic Game Store, with its constant offering of free and exclusive games (as well as Fortnite), has found a place on many players' desktops as a companion to the 'primary' Steam client. The controversy seems to have mostly blown over and Epic's storefront seems poised to take a stab at Valve's dominant Steam service.

Metro Exodus will release on Steam 15th February 2020.


Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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