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Monster Hunter Rise Demo Released on Steam

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Released on Steam

Monster Hunter Rise, released on the 26th of March for the Nintendo Switch is coming to PC, with a demo on Steam currently available as of the 13th of October.

The Steam version will include 4K resolution, several graphical options to tune your experience, controller support along with keyboard and mouse controls, voice chat and ultrawide display support.

The demo for Monster Hunter Rise includes 5 different quests, two of them being tutorials including the Basic Training Quest and Wyvern Riding. Afterwards, players will be given three actual hunts, hunting a Great Izuchi, a Mizutsune and a Magnamalo. All ranging from beginner to advanced difficulties to give a feel of the game.

All 14 of the weapons will be available, and the demo will feature co-op with up to 4 players.

Monster Hunter Rise is set to release on Steam on the 12th of January, 2022.

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

Staff Writer

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