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Monstrum 2 Patch Released

Team Junkfish released a small patch on the 23rd February for the four-versus-one asymmetrical survival horror title Monstrum 2. The update adds an array of level design, audio, UI and quality-of-life changes. Additionally, it introduces some new skins to the in-game shop.

For more details of what's included in the update, check out the full changelog below.

Monstrum 2 throws players into the abandoned, procedurally generated Sparrowlock research facility. Once a sprawling sea fortress, the facility now lies abandoned, except for four survivors and one terrifying monster. The four humans must work together to outwit the monster and devise a method of escape while being hunted at every turn. It's a horror nightmare in the truest—and most appealing—sense.

Monstrum 2 is available now for Windows.

Read the full patch notes
Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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