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More Control and Customisation in Skater XL's Public Beta Update

The latest update to the public beta version of Skater XL is out now on Steam Early Access. Available to anyone opting-in to the game's public beta build, the update brings new moves, customisation features, mod support, language support and more. Check out the update's launch trailer above and read on for more details.

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  • Transition Grinds - Players can now pop seamlessly into and out of grinds by rolling into coping (the grind-able rim that lines many skating surfaces).
  • Mini Ramp Test Map - To help players test this new move set, a warehouse test environment has been built with the transition grinds in mind.
  • Transition Grind Support in Mod Maps - Automatic detection of transition grind opportunities has been implemented for mod maps. Mod creators can override this if they wish.
  • Board Customisation - The ability to customise decks, trucks, wheels and griptape has been added. Options are limited right now, but more customisation freedom will be added in future updates.
  • Dedicated Folder for Modded Textures - Players can now create a dedicated folder for modded textures, making modding an easier process for Skater XL.
  • Animation Fixes - Animations for several tricks and movements have been tweaked for increased realism and smoothness.
  • Bumping Out of Grinds - Exiting a grind can now be down subtly with a quick "nudge" rather than an "exaggerated pop out".
  • Improved Tutorial - A more interactive and reactive tutorial for new players.
  • Language Support - Support for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese languages are now in the game.
  • Landing Sideways Leads to Bailing - Like in real life, landing sideways at speed now causes the player to bail.
  • Various Bug Fixes

That's a fair number of changes and additions. To access them, players will need to opt-in to the game's public beta version on Steam. For the full changelog, click here.

Skater XL is out now on  PC via Steam Early Access. The full release, including versions for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch, will release on 7th July.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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