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Murder Files: The Enigma Express Heads for Mobile Stations

Originally released in 2013, Murder Files: The Enigma Express has been updated and re-released with a bunch of new updates, some brand new social features, and plans for more updates to come.

Players begin their investigation at a London train station after a well renowned detective agency has sent them out to solve a particularly curious case. Eight seemingly useless objects have been stolen from a secret vault belonging to Five Fingers, an incarcerated criminal mastermind. Players must find out who took the objects, what purpose could they now serve, and why they are worth killing for…

A hidden object puzzle game, it sees you in the shoes of junior detective Hannah Dakota, with her dog Watson. The story is written by Emmy Award winner Felicity Carpenter, and the music is composed by BAFTA nominee Dom Beken.

Join the 4.5 million other players who've downloaded Murder Files: The Enigma Express on iOS and Android.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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