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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Has Been Revealed

It’s been over three years since fans were last given a glimpse of gameplay for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, but during Sony’s latest State of Play presentation Square Enix finally showed off more footage from the game.

Much like 2015’s gameplay trailer, the trailer showcases more footage from the opening section of the game, the industrial cyberpunk city of Midgar. Cloud and Barrett’s designs have been slightly tweaked since they were last seen, with the gameplay retaining the real-time action elements previously shown.

The biggest reveal from the trailer was an updated look at Cloud’s early game love interest, and playable party member Aerith. Much like Cloud and Barrett, her design is close to how she was portrayed in the original Final Fantasy VII, but she’s received some modern touches. The trailer closes with a behind shot of the iconic villain Sephiroth seemingly confronting Cloud for the first time.

Final Fantasy VII Remake still hasn’t got a release date, but there is more information to be revealed in June. With Square Enix holding another E3 press conference this year, we’ll likely see more footage then.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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