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New Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch Unveiled

New Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch Unveiled

The recently announced patch 6.3 for FINAL FANTASY XIV has been revealed by Square Enix. The latest update set for release in January 2023 features a wide range of new activities, balance changes, housing system additions, and so much more.

During a Twitch stream from the games producers, many changes were outlined, including:

  • New main scenario quests - The next chapter in the Warrior of Light story
  • New side story quests - Featuring Tartaru's Grand Endeavour.
  • 8-Player trial - New challenges on normal and extreme difficulties.
  • A new 24-Player Alliance raid
  • A new Ultimate raid
  • Brand new dungeon - Lapis Manalis
  • Gold Saucer updates
  • Island Sanctuary quality of life improvements and additions
  • New daily quests for Disciples of the Hand
  • A Manderville Weapons Update

That isn't even everything expected in the upcoming patch, those of you who want a full rundown can find the archived stream here.

Mike Crewe

Mike Crewe

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