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New Game Plus May Be Coming to Assassin's Creed Origins

New Game Plus May Be Coming to Assassin's Creed Origins

Ubisoft have said that they are looking into a New Game Plus mode for Assassin's Creed Origins. 

In a recent blog post on the games website the development team responded to a number of community questions. This included the question about if the game would be getting a New Game Plus mode to which the team said:

"We know that a large number of community members have requested a New Game+ feature. We are currently investigating the possibility of implementing this option in a future title update." 

This isn't a confirmation that the feature is coming for sure but does mean that Ubisoft are aware of the demand for it. What do you think about a New Game Plus mode in Assassin's Creed Origins? Would this be something that you would want to experience?

Assassin’s Creed Origins  is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Nikki Koolonavich

Nikki Koolonavich

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