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New Launch Trailer For FAR: Lone Sails


FAR: Lone Sails will soon be available in Steam and the Humble Store and devs Okomotive have released a new launch trailer for the unique and stylish experience.

Described as a "vehicle adventure game," FAR: Lone Sails has players challenge a unique sort of apocalypse. Rather than facing zombies or demons or other angry humans, in FAR, it's just the player and their vehicle as they traverse a vast dried-out sea to discover what's on the other side. Exploration and discovery are the name of the game as players uncover the fate of their people through relics and ruins, and struggle to maintain their vehicle so that it can deliver them safely to their destination...wherever that may be.

 FAR: Lone Sails unlocks tomorrow, but you can check out GameGrin's preview of the game here.

Brienne Rose

Brienne Rose

News Writer

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