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New Trailer for DayZ’s Update 1.23 and Information

Announced by Bohemia Interactive, DayZ has a major update bringing new items and quality-of-life mechanics to the videogame, available now on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. Update 1.23 includes an overall to the NWAF, a more picturesque skybox, returning firearms to the game, and more to brave in post-apocalyptic eastern Europe.

Releasing ahead of the 10th anniversary and Christmas events coming soon, the new update introduced is for players old and new.

Welcome back, DMR

Designed for precision and power, the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) returns from a hiatus back into the loving arms of DayZ snipers. Based on a rifle used by the US Marine Corp., it fires .308 rounds, can be equipped with any scope, and holds 10 or 20-round magazines. Whether defending your base, conducting pest control on the undead population, or just doing some good old Bambi hunting, the DMR is essential.


Field Shovel and Other Accessories

Want to hide your loot but don't have enough room in your pockets for a shovel? Then you need to get the new field shovel. With the help of the field shovel, any job you could do with a normal shovel has been cut in half with the compact tool. Not to mention the space it frees up in your pack. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, try the new clothing options coming with Update 1.23, including head, gloves and more personalisation for your character in different variations.


Spawn Together, Survive Together

To make DayZ more welcoming to players who rather team up with friends, the servers will now keep you and your friends closer than ever. With the update, you and your friends can join spawn groups, giving you all the ability to spawn in the same place and server. Spending the first hour of gameplay trying to find each other will become a thing of the past, though you will be separated when you die.


Fluffier Clouds and Brighter Moon

If the landscape of death and destruction is getting you down, just up into the brand-new skybox. Transformed from its previous variation, the day and night cycle has been vamped to look more striking. Both Chernarus and Livonia have their own personal skybox, a detail the developers put a lot of work into to get more distinct clouds and stars.


Additional Notes of Update 1.23

  • Unstick stuck vehicles with the new push action.
  • Be Able to see queue states and the time of day in the server browser.
  • Building bases in the Livonia underground is no longer possible.
  • Distribution of high-tier firearms has been rebalanced inside and outside Chernarus and Livonia's contaminated areas.
  • Server-side mission files now allow adjustments to a player's startup gear, which is particularly important for console community servers.

DayZ’s 10th anniversary and Christmas events will be announced soon.

Bennett Perry

Bennett Perry

Staff Writer

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