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New Update and Theme World for Park Beyond

Park Beyond, the theme park simulation game from Limbic Entertainment and Bandai Namco, is about to get bigger with the upcoming 2.0 update coming 29th September! To start off, the newest update features some performance improvements, visitor flow reworks, mission redesign, modular building improvements, and other enhancements aimed to make the experience even better for both new and old players! In addition to these, Park Beyond is adding two major new features: park and prefab sharing and the first Theme World, Beyond eXtreme!

The park and prefab sharing feature, powered by mod.io, allows players to share their creations as a whole with their friends and other players around the world! Need a quick addition to your park, but not bothered figuring out what to place? Look trough the sets of other players' prefabs and add something fitting, easy as that!

The first Theme World, Beyond eXtreme, will add new missions to the game which focus on exploring the explosive character Blaze! Additionally, two new flat rides, entertainers and more than 250 scenery items will be added, featuring both 90's vibes and crazy rides! Release your inner adrenaline junkie and make your extreme dreams come true!

Park Beyond is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Martin Heath

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