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New World - Into The Void Update Information

New World - Into The Void Update Information

The update for New World named "Into The Void" is out now and has an extensive amount of changes, which include the following:

  • A new weapon named Void Gauntlet.
  • New enemies.
  • Improvements to the world, with QoL improvements such as faster walking on roads.
  • Quest improvements such as new faction PvP quests, several updated quests, and bug fixes to existing ones.
  • A massive amount of combat balancing to gear—both buffs and nerfs—, along with tons of fixes to consumables, gear, and more.
  • New AI enemies, along with better AI tuning.
  • New expeditions.
  • Changes to the economy, such as housing taxes.
  • Changes to progression, such as nerfs to the Territory Standing gains to the Cooking skill.
  • Fixed probability issues reported by the community, some of which made already rare items have a near-zero chance of dropping.
  • Several new added special drops from named Knights throughout the world, along with a new style of weapon dropped from the Knight enemy type.
  • Dozens of notable bug fixes.
  • Streamer Mode Updates, such as turning off all in-coming notifications, whilst also providing notifications to the sending player with an explanation that their invites or requests are being blocked due to the streamer mode.

This is the summary of the most important things that we at GameGrin were able to assess. If you wish to see the full notes, feel free to check above! We'll warn you, however, it's a long one.

Are you excited about all of the things that Into The Void is introducing? Well, fret not, for these things are all available now! So hop on in to Aeternum and vanquish the Varangian knights.

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Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

Staff Writer

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