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New XCOM 2 Mods Coming from Long War Studios

New XCOM 2 Mods Coming from Long War Studios

Fans of XCOM will certainly know about Long War Studios, the team behind the original Long War mods for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within. These mods changed almost every aspect of the games; creating a longer, more difficult experience that die hard fans have fallen in love with. 

So much so, that even developers Firaxis and 2K have praised the mods. This has now lead to a partnership with the team at Long War Studios to create a brand new set of mods for XCOM 2


Over the next coming months, Long War Studios will be releasing new five mods, with the first available now called "Toolbox", which adds a collection of new in-game options: 

  • Configurable camera rotation in tactical missions
  • Damage variation
  • Random stats for new soldiers
  • Random stats on level-ups
  • UI that shows soldier stats in various menus
  • UI and other support for up to 12-soldier squads
  • Red Fog (injuries affect stats)

All the mods will be available through Steam Workshop, and other mods in the works include: Perk Pack, a solider class construction kit, Laser Pack, a new weapon tier and the Alien Pack, which adds new alien enemies. The last one is still to be announced, but more details will be shared soon. 

It's not the first time Long War Studios have created mods for XCOM 2, previously they created the SMG, Muton Centurion and Leader solider class. These were available at the games launch. The newer mods, certainly look to be more in-depth, allowing you create your very own long war.

Calum Parry

Calum Parry

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