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News Round-Up 18/10/17 - Oculus Go, Fortnite: Battle Royale and Cuphead

Welcome to GameGrin’s weekly round-up with TGK. A selection of the biggest news stories from the world of videogames.

This week there's news that Mark Zuckerberg is plotting another global takeover, Fortnite has done well in a fortnight and Cuphead is everyone's cup of tea.

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Trending topics of the week:

Petition to Call Loot Boxes Gambling by Law

Assassin's Creed Origins Preview

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James Bralant

James Bralant

Staff Writer

James spends his time playing almost anything. Talents include: having a socially-awkward hair colour and getting far too angry after losing

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dominoid - 07:42pm, 18th October 2017

Awesome video as always :)

TGK - 10:11pm, 18th October 2017 Author

Thanks buddy! The Oculus stuff is super interesting.