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Nintendo Direct 13th of September Overview

It might be cruel to say this, but the Switch is basically the reincarnation of the Wii U and Wii for a love child. With more Joy-Con orientated support for games, Nintendo clearly have a line up to last them until the Spring of next year. But first, updates for the 3DS for announcements.

3DS Games Announcements

All games listed here are for 3DS, full features of these announcements can be found here

  • Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey, January 25th 2019
  • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, 2019
  • Yo-Kai Watch Blasters Red Cat Corps and White Dog Squad, free update September 27th

Something to note is that during the Direct they brought that Luigi's Mansion is out already on 3DS, with support for Co-op and download play. As they made an announcement for Luigi's Mansion 3.

Nintendo Switch

There's a lot of stuff to boil over

Splatoon 2:

They just announced that Version 4 is coming soon, with more details to be announced. Showcased within their music video reel was new items, cosmetics, power ups/abilities, weapons, and maps from what it looks like. 

Mega Man 11:

It's coming for Switch, following the original gameplay formula, the features 2.5D graphics, With new power ups being the Double Gear System, that will feature Speed, Power, and Double Gear to enhance and power up your playstyle. Mega Man's Amiiibo is supported, when tapped daily it will grant you items like E-Tanks and other items.

Mario Tennis Aces

New update that will last until June, as of this announcement. New characters added will be Birdo (All-Around), Shy Guy (Technical), Koop Paratroopa (Technical), Petey Piranha (Powerful). Along with this will include an update library of accessories to unlock as well as colour swaps in the new Event mode. Time limited and locked to online Co-Op challenges, they'll test your tennis skills with the limited reward. This update is set to come on the September 19th.

Capcom Beat'em Up Bundle

Boasting 7 games, it will hold the following: Final Fight, King of Dragons, Capatain Commando, Knights of the Round, Warriors of Fate, Armoured Warriors,  and Battle Circuit. Set for a worldwide release, these games are being brought to the modern day with local player support using your joy cons for two players. going to 4 players, as well as online play with others. This is set to release on September 18th.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Coming straight from the Wii U, this will come with everything jammed into one package. Boasting two new characters to play with: Nabbit, who can't be hit by enemies, and Toadette, who will turn into Peachette who can double jump and glide with a Super Crown power-up. As part of this will include Super Luigi Bros. with all 164 courses packed into this one package. Set to drop January 11th 2019.

Katamari Damacy REROLL

Much else to really, Katamari is coming to Switch. It features local Co-Op with joy con sharing, HD rumble, and gyroscope control. Set to drop at some point in Winter 2018.

Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee

Just a feature announcement about Secret Techniques replacing the need for HMs such as Cut, Surf, and Fly. Yes that means your Pikachu and Eevee are able to perform said acts. They also reiterated on the special edition Switch design for the game too. It will feature custom printed joy cons, Switch, and dock. As well as the Pokéball accessory, that will have features that were showcased in the previous announcement (link).

2018 09 14 5

I would be lying if I didn't find this adorable.

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection

Set to feature all of the DLC out for Diablo 3, it looks to contain everything you want from the console version and new things too. It features coach co-op for 4 players and support for online play, you can do this in dock and undocked mode. Amiibo support is here, allowing you to summon powerful assists, and you'll get access to the Ganondorf transmog. Set to drop 2nd November.

Super Mario Party

A lot of things were ratlled off during this, but the main overview is that the game will support multiple Switches for mini games, there are 80 new mini games, 4 player support, as well as singleplayer offering.

Town (working title)

Produced by GameFreak inc, this section has nothing much to say. Other than a brief glimpse of combat looking akin to Pokémon, its main premise is that the entire game will be set in a village and you'll use the aid of fellow villagers to assist you in fights and help unlock the secrets of the town, expected in 2019.

Cities Skyline: Nintendo Switch Edition

This version is release with its After Dark and Snowfall DLC, no word on other pieces of DLC. Not much else to add, other than this game is out now after the Direct.

Daemon X Machina

Shown briefly during E3, this is a mech game that hasn't shown much for story or what the main campaign will be. But mechanically, the game is set to feature as a shooter looter with mechs. Containing both mech and foot soldier combat, the gameplay shown was fast paced action and looks to have an in-depth mod system. It is set to have multiplayer for 4 player support and feature boss battles, expected in 2019 with no confirmation date.

2018 09 14 2

Finally, you can say Autobots let's roll out and it make sense. Kind of.

Yoshi's Crafted World

Imagine Paper Mario, now add more rotations and there you Yoshi's latest entry. The game is basically more Yoshi in a new bright and inventive world. It will have co-op support and is slated for Spring 2019.

Table top Gaming

Not an actual game title, asmodee Digital are bringing a bunch of board games to Switch and slated new releases to come too:

  • Carcassonne, December 2018
  • The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game, April 2019
  • Pandemic, March 2019
  • Catan Universe, TBA
  • Munchkin, TBA

Civilization 6

It's being ported, whilst no confirmation of any of the DLCs were stated. Its release date is 16th November.

2018 09 14 10

Let's see if the other pieces of DLC come soon after.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

This section just highlighted that the game would have exclusive content for the Switch thanks to its tie-in with Star Fox franchise. A small thing at the end of the reel was Wolf just eating an alien leg.

World Ends with you Final Remix

A beloved JRPG is coming to Switch, featuring new content called A New Day, containing a remixed Shibuya, new enemies and a reaper named Coco. Set for 12th October.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna -The Golden Country

Acting as follow up to a previous new post (link), this update just announces that expansion pass owners will be able to play the game on 14th September, and that physical edition will be available on 21st September.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

2018 09 3

Need I say more?

Quick Fire releases, since there's quite a few games announced:

  • NBA 2K19, Out now
  • Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD, Out Now
  • Fifa 19, 28th September
  • LEGO DC Super-Villains, 19th October
  • Just Dance 2019, 26th October
  • NBA 2K Playgrounds 2, Autumn (TBC)
  • World of Final Fantasy Maxima, 6th November
  • Warframe, 20th November
  • Team Sonic Racing, Winter (TBC)
  • Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Everybuddy!, Winter
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, 2019
  • Final Fantasy 7, 2019
  • Final Fantasy 9, 2019
  • Final Fantasy 10 |10-2, 2019
  • Final Fantasy 12, 2019
  • Animal Crossing for Switch, 2019

Switch Things

Not games related, just general Switch things. Like its Online

Nintendo Online is a thing, and it's coming 19th September. In the reel. they highlighted the five most important things to note about the features it offers:

  • Online Play: every game showcased within this direct required it for online play for Switch
  • Nintendo Entertainment System library: they didn't specify if you do or don't keep said games, the library is stated to grow in the coming releases.
  • Cloud Save Data
  • Smartphone App Integration: No word about in-game voice chat, only through the app was shown, and support with other game apps to gain better insight.
  • Exclusive offers: TBC

2018 09 14 1

A Smash dock will be available for purchase, featuring their custom design, as well as joy cons to match. The dock will be purchased with a download code, that will be available 7th December. Joy cons will be purchasable on the 16th November. With Smash themed GameCube controllers and adaptors for 7th December.

Also announced was NES controller joy cons, they'll be released on 19th September with more details to come.

2018 09 14 3

As off as it looks, I actually like it.

Closing Thoughts

Not the Direct I wanted, but nonetheless the one needed.

I'm happy with what was shown, sad to see so little for the 3DS but it's be expected at this rate given the Switch's success. Smash news was unexpected, but a pleasant surprise. Nintendo Online is still a very lofty ambition, with the NES classics not saying we own said games or what type of access we'll be getting. Also, the lack of proper backing up of data and in-game voice chat on the Switch is still off. But let's see what they have install for us. Got any comments or highlights? Comment below and stay tuned for the next Nintendo Direct update.

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dominoid - 01:04pm, 15th September 2018

I'm quite looking forward to the online service, but I'm hoping they bring more classic platforms to the Switch than just the NES. Nobody had a NES over here, it's all about the SNES and N64. I miss the PC Engine stuff we saw released on the Wii too. Portable Dragon's Crus would be awesome!