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Nioh 2 Gameplay and Closed Alpha Revealed

Following the announcement at Sony’s 2018 E3 Showcase, a gameplay trailer for the sequel to 2017’s Nioh has been revealed. The gameplay trailer showcases the frantic and tense combat that the first game was praised for, with some new weapons and enemies being thrown into the mix.

A variety of demons seem to take prominence in this demo, including a snake-woman hybrid and the more traditional Oni demons that were featured heavily in the first game. The new demon form that players can transform into is also showcased in the trailer, although the specifics in regards to how it affects gameplay are still unknown. While Nioh 2 doesn’t seem to be a drastic departure from the first game, Team Ninja appear to be making good on their promise to add more variety to the game overall.

Certain PlayStation 4 users are also being invited to partake in a closed Alpha for the game that takes place from 24th May to the 2nd June. While Team Ninja stated on Twitter that the Alpha will remain closed for the meantime so the developers can manage the feedback for the game more effectively, it’s likely that more open Alphas and Betas will come in the future similar to the first game.

Nioh 2 currently has no release date or even a release window, so it’s unlikely player’s will be able to get their hands on the full game until sometime next year. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long for those looking to get their hands on more Feudal Japan action.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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NikkiChan - 10:47pm, 27th May 2019

So hyped for this game!!!

franjaff - 12:25am, 28th May 2019 Author

I really liked the combat mechanics in the first Nioh, but its repetition became tiring to me. Hopefully the second game has a more consistent variety.