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Noita E3 2018 Trailer

E3 is a time where a metric tonne of games get announced, and often some of the smaller gems get lost in amongst the AAA noise. You may have missed the trailer for Noita, a charming roguelite set in a world where every pixel is physically simulated. Yes, you read right: Every pixel is actually part of a complex physics engine.

Featuring procedural generation, Noita will have you fighting, exploring, melting, burning, freezing and evaporating your way through runs using spells you've created yourself. Developer Nolla games have not announced a firm release date, but you can expect it "when it's done." In the mean time, check out the impressive debut trailer.

Andrew Wowk

Andrew Wowk

Staff Writer

Is often asked if people should "Wowk this way".

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Acelister - 01:03pm, 14th June 2018

I want this game so badly. I love any game that lets me blow up the floors - this takes that and turns it up to 50.

pucechan - 03:37pm, 14th June 2018

This looks right up my alley! Anything with destructible scenery makes my internal monster start laughing maniacally.