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Oktoberfest is Coming to a Mine Near You in Deep Rock Galactic, Check out the Festive Trailer!

Deep Rock Galactic, the co-op shooter from Ghost Ship Games, has always had a fondness of the golden nectar that is beer. Ordering a pint and doing some 12-ounce curls on the Space Rig will often net you some handy bonuses for the next mission or do other fun stuff, like get you drunk! It should come as no surprise then, that the dwarves of the DRG company will soon be celebrating Oktoberfest. Running from September 14th 12:00 BST until October 3rd 12:00 CET, miners can find a plethora of themed surprises waiting for them.

Beer Oktoberfest LabelFirst, and most importantly, a set of lederhosen and a nifty hat are up for grabs by completing missions and challenges during the festivities. Additionally, the crowd favourite Best Wurst Beer will be available on tap for a limited time, so get it while it lasts! If that wasn't enough, the whole Space Rig has been fitted out with lovely theme-appropriate decor and music, all for the loyal employees of DRG. Your contract-mandated break is now over, get mining! Remember to keep a lookout for some Best Wurst mugs while on missions. Bring any you find back for double mission Performance Points!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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