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Omega Labyrinth Life's PC Version Gets Release Date

Omega Labyrinth Life's PC Version Gets Release Date

The mature turn-based roguelike Omega Labyrinth Life is coming to PC following the launch of the titles Steam listing. 

Dropping on 10th December, this release will be based on the Nintendo Switch version of the game. This means it will include a number of features that made their debut on the console. This includes plenty of illustrations, minigame, uncut opening and ending movies, and plenty more. 

With massive dungeons to explore and plenty of activities to enjoy on your down time, Omega Labyrinth Life is packed with content. Take care of flowers, rebuild an academy, unleash Omega Power to increase your bust size, and defeat countless enemies. Players will be busy for countless hours. 

Omega Labyrinth Life is available now on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, with the PC release dropping 10th December. 

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