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Outriders New Horizon Update Information

Outriders free massive update New Horizon is available now and we have all the details!

The things that have been added are the following:

  • Four new Expeditions
  • An all-new Transmog system.
  • Removed timers in Expeditions.
  • New weapon skins.
  • Rebalanced Classes, Skills, and mods.
  • Overhaul to Tiago's Expedition store and vendor items.

Apart from all these new additions, Outriders is also going to be receiving some general improvements and updates to the game. This whole update is the culmination of Square Enix's months-long expedition to improve the game for their players!

Also, keep your eye out for the full expansion coming up in 2022 Outriders Worldslayer which will have its full reveal in spring 2022!



Staff Writer

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