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Overwatch 1.25 on PTR

Overwatch 1.25 on PTR

Hero shooter Overwatch has a new update in the pipeline, available to be playtested on the PTR. 

This update, 1.25, has two big-ish highlights: Endorsements and Looking For Group.

Endorsements are Player-given awards that give a couple of in-game bonuses to players who receive them. Your group will be able to commend you for playing well, which will grant you one of these "Endorsements", and continuing to accrue these will eventually lead to you earning rewards like XP boosts.

Looking For Group is a tool which allows you to choose what kind of group you'll be playing with before you enter matchmaking. For example, as group leader, you can set who can play as which character or type, and as someone looking for a group, you can join a team looking for members to play a certain role or set of roles. Pretty useful.

The other big change is a Symmetra balancing overhaul that is too detailed to go into fully. What is most important is the new Ultimate: a map-spanning shield with 5000 health.

Update 1.25 will be release to all players after its done in testing.

Caleb Ransbury

Caleb Ransbury

News Writer

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