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Overwatch 2 "Different Version of Overwatch" and Long Queue Easy Fix

Overwatch 2 "Different Version of Overwatch" and Long Queue Easy Fix

Overwatch 2 has finally arrived but it hasn’t been a smooth landing. Among players' complaints are two common errors showing up while just trying to get going. Long queues just to log in are made worse by various errors that either stick you in a queue loop or time you out, and even once you’re finally in it can be a struggle to team up with friends as they are shown to be in a different version of Overwatch. Luckily there are reasonably easy workarounds for both of these problems.

Different Version of Overwatch:

To team up with friends despite this error, send them a whisper to make sure you have their name easily accessible then remove them from your friends list. Once removed simply right-click on their name in your chat box and click “Add to Group”, then you can safely add them back onto your friends list.

Queue Loop/Login Timeout:

For those who are struggling just to get into Overwatch 2 try setting your server region to Asia and then log in. Join a group with friends to make sure you end up on servers with lower ping, if you are too far from that region to reasonably play on those servers.



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