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Party Animals Celebrates Its First Holiday With Four Events

Party Animals Celebrates Its First Holiday With Four Events

Party Animals has been out for a little over a month now. After its rocky start due to a misunderstanding leading to a controversy of false advertisement, the title has seen some success still, with daily peaks over the 10 thousands. Now, with the release of update, Recreate Games is celebrating the spooky season with a couple of goodies, both in-game and outside of it!

In total, the team is looking at celebrating with four different rewards that you'll be able to get, all of which are upcoming leading up to and past Halloween! The first one we should be talking about is none other than...

Halloween Event

From the 30th of October at 4am UTC to the 11th of November at 4am UTC

Party Animals Halloween Event

The first thing that you should know about is the in-game event that you can participate in! You can get a total of five skins for free by playing, with the first one — Ghost Nemo — being unlocked as soon as you log in during the event. The other four ghost-themed skins you can get by completing the four weekly challenges, though we don't know for which characters these will be. You can also expect to find two new skins for Macchiato in the Item Shop — Magical Macchiato and Dark Magic Macchiato.

Those are the most substantial changes, but you will also be able to find various decorations around the maps, adding a Halloween feel to your runs by adding a slew of pumpkins everywhere! And also, you'll find a new map (thanks to patch, not the event) — Castleween!

Twitch Drops

From the 30th of October at 4am UTC to the 11th of November at 4am UTC

Party Animals Halloween Patch Notes

Lasting as long as the week-long Halloween event is the Twitch drops that you will be able to acquire! By watching for five total hours, you can get a slew of increasingly desirable items; all you need to do is watch Twitch channels that have the "Drop Enabled" tag starting at the same time as the Halloween event and ending with it, too.

Though the list of streamers is not announced, we do know what items you'll get for watching, with different rewards after watching one hour, three hours, and five hours total. Here is what you can expect to get!

  • One hour: Egg Coin
  • Three hours: 240 Nemo Bucks
  • Five Hours: Purple Ghost Nemo skin

Discord Nitro

From the 1st of November at 12am UTC to the 30th of December at 4am UTC

Discord Nitro Party Animals Free

This one starts the day after Halloween, on the Day of the Dead, and finishes on Christmas Eve! Though it might be a bit unexpected, everyone who starts up Party Animals during this period will get a free Discord Nitro membership for one month!

This reward might seem a bit random (it caught us off-guard, too!), but it's a great opportunity to decorate your Discord with a slew of beautiful cosmetics. We don't know any information about how the redemption will work, as that is not readily available at the moment.

Tmall Collab

From the 31st of October at 4am UTC to the 11th of November at 11am UTC

Tmall Logo Party Animals Collaboration2

The final set of rewards you can get starts on Halloween and ends two weeks after, though it's a bit peculiar for those unaware of Party Animal's history. Essentially, this is a collaboration between the game and Tmall, a website operated by the Alibaba Group. Still, you can get two profile cosmetics — a Tmall-themed avatar and a Tmall-themed avatar frame — for just logging in during the collab duration, which will happen regardless if you take part in the Halloween event anyway!

That's it for the events that you can expect! Get your paws on these items when they release at their respective times, and best of luck completing the Weekly Challenges!

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