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Payday 2's Switch Port is Missing a Lot of Content

Payday 2's Switch Port is Missing a Lot of Content

Overkill Software's first-person heist shooter Payday 2 is set to drop on the Nintendo Switch later this week, almost five years after the original released on PC.

Some people who managed to get the game early have noted that the game seems to be lacking any content that was added over the last year. The information comes from this Reddit thread.

A reddit user by the name of roxas_z got the game early and began answering questions from other Payday fans about what the game is like, even posting some images to show it off.

One user, sadlyuseless said in a thread:

The PC version is currently at update 172. The Switch version has these billboards so I thought it was at least Update 131, but as it turns out, the John Wick Heists are missing from the game.

From the looks of it, the game will be on Update 130 of the PC version when it receives the official release on Friday. This means it will lack any of the recent content that has been added since 1st February, 2017, including the Reservoir Dogs heists, the h3h3 character pack, the crime spree update, as well as countless bug fixes and smaller tweaks.

Overkill Software have not mentioned what their post-launch support plan is for the Switch version, however it should be noted that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users waited for over a year for a new update.

Olly Smith

Olly Smith

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Acelister - 07:51am, 21st February 2018

That's hilarious. But not unprecedented - wasn't Skyrim on Switch the non-Special Edition version?

Manders - 01:44pm, 22nd February 2018 Author

If it was, that was probably because the Switch hardware couldn't handle the Special Edition.

Here, it's because Overkill needed to find a point to finalise the game for submission to Nintendo.