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Persona 5 Royal Speaks Your Language

Persona 5 Royal Speaks Your Language

Good news for non-English speakers as Atlus announces additional effort to be put into European localisation for Persona 5: The Royal.

For the first time ever in the history of the Persona series, Persona 5: The Royal will be subtitled in French, Italian, German and Spanish, allowing the series to branch out further and be embraced easier by countries that do not speak English or Japanese.

This is great news for anyone who speaks any of these languages as a primary language as Persona 5 is a very narrative and text heavy game, this will make the experience easier to deal with and much more enjoyable for a good percentage of the world.

Persona 5 Royal is not just an expansion to the main game but a retelling of events leading up to this new content also which makes this updated version of the game a perfect jumping in point for anybody who missed it the first time around.

This new version of the game includes additional characters to befriend, new personas to summon, your own personal thieves den, additional cut scenes and alternative endings.

Persona 5 Royal will "Take Your Heart" on 31st March 2020 exclusively on PlayStation®4 with the following versions available for pre-order:

Launch Edition: £49.99
Phantom Thieves Edition: £79.99

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