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Planet Zoo Available on Steam

Planet Zoo, developed by Frontier Developments plc, has officially launched on Steam for £34.99 / $44.99 / €44.99. A Deluxe Upgrade Pack is also available for download for an additional £9.99 / $11.99 / €11.99.

“We’re delighted to release the next entry in the Planet series. Planet Zoo is very much a labour of love for the team after two and a half years of researching animal traits and behaviours and translating that into what we think is a deep and rewarding sim game. The reception from announce to beta to launch has been wonderfully affirming, and we’re all excited to see what players create” said Piers Jackson, Game Director.

Players are tasked with creating a zoo and populating it with animals from around the world. Both online and offline play are available. Over 70 animals are available in game. Players have to handle balance sheets as they tackle everything from staff costs, to building maintenance, ticket sales and guest donations, while aspiring zoologists can juggle researching new facilities, enrichment items and habitat customisations on their quest to create the perfect zoo.

Joshua (Shnook)

Joshua (Shnook)

Staff Writer

Will do his very best to not avoid team killing everyone.

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