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Play Through a Home Improvement TV Show in House Flipper's HGTV DLC

The latest DLC for first-person renovation simulator, House Flipper, is out now. Titled House Flipper - HGTV DLC, the pack has partnered with HGTV (owned by Discovery, Inc), a TV channel known for home renovation shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, House Hunters and My Lottery Dream Home. Check out the launch trailer above, and pick it up today from the Steam store at the price of £7.19.

Taking inspiration from HGTV's lineup of shows, developer Frozen District has introduced an array of new mechanics, items, house designs and in-level variables. The aim of these changes, according to Maciej Knot of Frozen District, was to create "the best possible experience in an environment they (the player) know from their favourite house flipping TV shows".

House Flipper lets players buy up and demolish a cheap (but potential-filled) property and work to make somebody's dream home from its ashes. With a first-person perspective, every step from demolition, to repair and renovation will be felt and made real for the player. Players' wildest home improvement fantasies can be satisfied in House Flipper, even more so with this HGTV DLC.

House Flipper - HGTV DLC is out now on PC (Via Steam) for £7.19.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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dominoid - 08:24pm, 18th May 2020

Aww, I thought this was going to be the old Tim Alan TV show from the 90s!