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PlayStation 4 Now the Second Highest Selling Home Console of All Time

PlayStation 4 Now the Second Highest Selling Home Console of All Time

The PlayStation 4 has now hit another major milestone, with the black box now reaching the status of being the second highest selling home console of all time. News comes by way of a recent Sony financial report, which revealed that 2.8 million PlayStation 4 systems had been sold between July and September, which has now pushed the system to roughly 102.8 million sales overall.

For context, that’s just a few hundred-thousand higher than the original PlayStation, and around 15 million higher than the PlayStation 3. This also puts the system above Nintendo’s highest selling console the Wii by just over one million units.

The system hitting this milestone isn’t at all surprising for anyone who’s been following its sales over the past year or two, however the PlayStation 2’s record of 155 million units sold seems completely out of reach, especially when considering the PlayStation 5 is set to release next year.

Still, the number two spot is extremely impressive, and it shows that Sony have been hitting a lot of the right beats this generation. It will be interesting to see how Sony will try and carry this momentum into the next generation.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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