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PlayStation Plus Games for March 2022

PlayStation Plus Games for March 2022

March should be a very enjoyable month for those of you who love online multiplayer, with four of the five games on offer geared towards online play!


First off, for all you lucky PlayStation 5 owners out there, we have Ghostrunner, a brutally difficult first-person action-platformer with a slick cyberpunk aesthetic. Note that this does not include the PlayStation 4 version.

Next up is Team Sonic Racing, the latest kart racer starring SEGAs blue blur sees players team up with two other racers in order to dominate the competition!

The crazy popular ARK: Survival Evolved will also be available, a survival game featuring robot dinosaurs and an almost endless amount of content to get stuck into, this is definitely one that will eat up hours of your time.

We also have two bonus games this month (lucky us!), with the first being Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, a co-operative multiplayer spinoff to the incredible Ghost of Tsushima, definitely one to jump into with a few friends!

Finally we have Grand Theft Auto Online for the PlayStation 5. Re-releasing once again, it's hard to find someone that hasn't played this almost nine year old online game by now.

All games will be available to download 1st March, with the exception of Grand Theft Auto Online, which releases 15th March.

Mike Crewe

Mike Crewe

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