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PlayStation Showcase: Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The main event is Marvel'sSpider-Man 2's gameplay trailer, featuring 10 whole minutes of gameplay from both the symbiote Peter Parker and Miles Morales!

The trailer features a lot of things, including symbiote gameplay, new abilities, and a narrative adventure that allows you to change between both Spider-Men as you swing across the open-world city! The epic gameplay features changing viewpoints, new abilities, and gadgets from the Spider-Man characters we've come to know and love.

PlayStation Showcase Marvels Spider Man 2 Miles Morales and Black Suit Peter Parker Venom Symbiote

We'll learn more about how the symbiote will affect Peter Parker, as the ending showcases a more aggressive Peter, proudly showing off his aggressive fighting style… and personality.

Check out some deductions our writer, Dylan Pamintuan, made about the latest gameplay showcase, closely analysing everything we saw!

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is set to release in Fall of 2023!

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Artura Dawn

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