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Polish Your Armour and Prepare Your Weapons — Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Is Coming Soon

We were invited to check out the upcoming mediaeval open-world RPG ahead of its announcement, wherein we got to see the trailer for the experience. We were greeted by Tobias Stolz Zwilling, the global PR manager at Warhorse Studios as he presented to us the trailer to tell us more about the most public secret in the industry!

If you were a fan of Warhorse Studios' mediaeval simulator Kingdom Come: Deliverance, then we've got some good news for you: the story following Henry of Skalitz is going to continue, and this time, it's taking an even larger form. Kingdom Come: Deliverance II has just been announced, and it's much — MUCH — bigger than last time.

The presentation immediately kicks off with the announcement trailer, where Henry's voice actor Tom McKay and Sir Hans' voice actor, Luke Dale, speak a bit about the upcoming experience before handing off screen time to the rest of the team in Warhorse Studios. The gist of the messaging? Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is coming, and it's going to be massive.

KCD2 2

The first and most important thing to note is that it'll continue the story of Henry, though this time, you'll be waging war against Sigismund the Red Fox and all of his allies as you fight to take back the land from his tyrannical rule. Picking up from the original, we'll venture into a much larger Bohemia as part of the rebel faction that wishes to overthrow the king, exploring a map twice the size of the original and a story with nearly double the amount of hours in terms of cutscenes.

And if you haven't been able to finish the original title, then fret not — according to the trailer, the game is built in a way that even newcomers to the experience will be able to connect with it. Though we can only imagine that fans of the first entry will get more in terms of nostalgia and watching a story they've been following for years unfold, you'll still be able to enjoy what'll likely become one of the biggest releases of the year.

KCD2 1

Our take from the entire presentation is this: Warhorse Studios did not try to make changes to the experience, instead amplifying and turning the journey into what it was meant to be years ago when it was just an 11-person development group. It looks like more Kingdom Come: Deliverance with the same humour, the same combat, and most importantly, the same experience that so many grew to love. Instead, the changes come in the form of improved graphics and an even deeper storyline with a much bigger group behind it all, with 250 employees over the course of the six years that the original came out.

After finishing the presentation, we were surprised to find out that Warhorse Studios is gearing up to release Kingdom Come: Deliverance sometime this year! Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

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