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Power Rangers: All Stars Available Now

Power Rangers: All Stars Available Now

Power Rangers: All Stars is now available worldwide, giving players the opportunity to collect, build and control Ranger teams from across time, space and dimensions. The game features Rangers from from ten renowned eras, from Mighty Morphin to RPM, which gives it a large roster with a range of different abilities. These teams can be used to take on missions or other players in five versus five PvP battles, and naturally features the Megazords from each series.

Power Rangers: All Stars is available now on iOS and Android, and Nexon are holding two launch events to reward early adopters - the first for reaching one million registrations, and the second for one thousand Facebook shares on the official page.

Jinny Wilkin

Jinny Wilkin

Staff Writer

Reviews the games nobody else will, so you don't have to. Give her a bow and arrow and you have an ally for life. Will give 10s for food.

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Acelister - 01:08pm, 9th November 2018

Oh, there are missions? I thought it was PvP-only, like the other mobile Power Rangers game. I'll probably take a look, now.