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Pure Pool Heads onto Xbox

Pure Pool Heads onto Xbox

Indie developers VooFoo Studios and Ripstone Publishing announced today that Pure Pool; the latest addition to the Pure series, is available to download now on Xbox One.

VooFoo Studios have taken hyper-realism to a whole new level in Pure Pool. Renowned for beautiful, high definition graphics and silky-smooth gameplay, not only can players expect to be fully immersed in a living, breathing pool hall, but the team at VooFoo have raised the quality bar to deliver the ultimate pool game to Xbox One users.

For even more information on Pure Pool make sure you read our review where we gave it a 7/10.

Pure Pool boasts four different game modes including classics such as Killer and American 8-Ball as well as creating a unique DNA profile based on your playing style, achieved by measuring things such as balls potted in quick succession, or the time it takes to play a shot. The result of this allows you to be matched against players online with similar DNA profiles.

Pure Pool is available now to download on Xbox One and will cost £7.99/ €9.99/ $12.99.

Dom D'Angelillo

Dom D'Angelillo

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Dom is an English Language graduate. How does he make the most of his degree? He plays obscene amounts of Playstation of course!

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