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Q-Games Announces PixelJunk Eden Successor is Coming to iOS and Android

Kyoto-based veteran developer Q-Games has announced that a successor to its chilled platform-puzzler PixelJunk Eden will be coming to iOS and Android devices in the form of Eden Obscura.

Previously only available on PC and PlayStation 3, Eden Obscura is the spiritual successor to 2008's beautiful, audio-visual indie cult-hit. Eden Obscura will include a few new features such as touch-screen support, a double-jump, and an intriguing component that takes advantage of the devices's camera, giving you the ability to "create your own experiences using the real world around you."

No formal release date has been announced yet for Eden Obscura, though if you want to whet your appetite, feel free to check out the trailer above.

Dylan Chaundy

Dylan Chaundy

Staff Writer

Lover of horror, RPGs and FPSs. The weirder, the better is his general rule of thumb. He's patiently waiting for PixelJunk Monsters 2.

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