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Ragnarok Online Celebrates One Year of EU Servers

Ragnarok Online Celebrates One Year of EU Servers

In wake of Ragnarok Online’s one year anniversary for the EU servers, Gravity Interactive announces the celebrations with a new update, events, promotions, discounts and gifts! Thanatos tower is an ancient construction that will challenge the bravest players to clear all its 13 stages, unveil the mysteries this place hides and fight a new MVP, the spirit of the legendary swordsman Thanatos. The celebrations however go beyond just that, an experience bonus is in place for the whole week, offering a 50% boost during the first day and 25% on the next six days.

The unknown area with monsters that give extra experience is also featured this week to help you take your character even further. All of this and more and be experienced in Ragnarok Online a free-to-play MMORPG available on the official website.

Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

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