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Resident Evil 3 Remake Artwork Has Leaked

Resident Evil 3 Remake Artwork Has Leaked

The long awaited Resident Evil 2 remake only released in January of this year, and yet the remake for its sequel Resident Evil 3: Nemesis appears to be releasing sooner than some may have expected, as indicated by artwork for the game appearing on the PlayStation Store.

This artwork was first found on the website Gamstat, which showcases recent additions to the PlayStation Network. Gamstat features the artwork for Biohazard RE:3 (Biohazard being Resident Evil’s title in Japan) along with Resident Evil 3. There is also a Z Version for the game, which is likely some kind of Collector’s Edition.

The artwork gives a glimpse of protagonist and Resident Evil fan favourite Jill Valentine’s modernised redesign, as well as the new design for Resident Evil 3’s secondary protagonist Carlos Oliveira. Jill Valentine seems to have the biggest design overhaul between the two, swapping her skimpy tube top for a more conservative vest top, while Carlos’ outfit looks closer to his original, only with a more rugged haircut and facial features.

The iconic Nemesis is also seen taking centre stage on the artwork, and like the other two he’s also had some touch ups. A squashed nose can now be seen on the monsters face making him look slightly more human, and his trench coat now seems to be covered with yellow “Caution” stickers as well. He still looks as grotesque as one would expect, and will likely make for a terrifying opponent in the remake if Resident Evil 2’s Mr X is any indication.

There isn’t any other news about the remake outside of this image, however late last month Spawn Wave made a video about the remake, being one of the first to break the news claiming it would be announced at this year’s Game Awards. With the Game Awards being next week the timing seems to line up. Spawn Wave was the first to break the news on the upcoming FromSoftware title Elden Ring, so his track record holds some legitimacy.

YouTube channel Residence of Evil also made a video earlier this year talking about how the remake was supposedly being outsourced to a different studio, and how it may release as early as 2020. With an official announcement seemingly being imminent, this information could be on the money, as it would explain how the project is releasing so soon after the remake of Resident Evil 2.

The Game Awards is airing live on 12th December at 5.30pm PT/8.30pm ET and 13th December at 1.30am in the UK.

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