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Rocket League Crosses Streams with Ghostbusters in 2020's Haunted Hallows Event

The Haunted Hallows event is live on all platforms for Psyonix's Rocket League. From 20th October to 2nd November, players will gain access to two unique modes and complete challenges in order to unlock a number of Ghostbusters-themed items. Check out the event's spooky announcement trailer above.

The first unique mode (available from 20th to 26th October) is Haunted Heatseeker, a version of the Heatseeker game mode taking in place in a Haunted Urban Arena. The second mode is Spike Rush (available from 26th October to 2nd November), a game mode played exclusively on night map variants—in keeping with the spooky theme.

The following items will be unlocked upon the completion of in-game challenges:

  • Ghostbusters Avatar Border
  • GhostBusters Player Banner
  • Ghostbusters Wheels
  • Stay Puft Topper
  • Stay Puft Wheels
  • Ectoplasm Boost
  • Mood Slime Boost
  • Ghost Trap Topper
  • Slimer Topper
  • Ecto-1 Player Banner

Additional Ghostbusters-themed items can be bought from the in-game shop too.

The Haunted Hallows event will run from 20th October to 2nd November for Rocket League on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, Mac and Linux.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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