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Rocket League Season 5 Release Information

San Diego videogame developer, Psyonix, announced that Rocket League Season 5 started on the 17th of November on all platforms! This new season will be blasting everyone into space and have the following features added:

  • New Arena variants.
  • Rocket Pass
  • Limited Time Mode
  • Competitive season

and more!

The new Rocket Pass will be led by the Nexus Car and will feature items like the Spacefirt Paint Finish, Hyperspace Animated Decal, and Cosmosis Goal Explosion. Players will also be able to compete in Heatseeker action with a twist on three new Rocket Labs Arenas—which are the Barricade, Colossus, and Hourglass—which is up now!

Rocket League Season 5 will include the Starbase Arc: Aftermath Arena Variant. The classic Starbase Arc Arena has been invaded by an evil force and will be available once Season 5 begins.

Aside from that there will also be general quality of life improvements to the game and the Season 4 Competitive Rewards will be given shortly after Season 5 begins.

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