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Rovio Release Angry Birds Action Launch Trailer

With a movie coming out soon, it was inevitable that we would see a new entry in the hugely popular Angry Birds franchise. Rovio's latest entry is a unique take on the previous format as it implements elements of pinball to the classic formula. In addition, the game will feature additional augmented-reality mini-games and additional content available by scanning special "BirdCodes" located out in the real world. An exclusive BirdCode comes in the credits of the movie, meaning that those visiting cinemas to see the film will be able to unlock a whole new area in the game. 

“With The Angry Birds Movie coming soon, Angry Birds Action! brings the brand back full circle to its mobile origins, while also creating with our partners a new type of entertainment experience altogether,” says Kati Levoranta, Rovio CEO. “We have put the Angry Birds characters and story at the centre of a truly 360-degree experience this summer, bringing the storyworld to life in a new way both for our heavily engaged fanbase and newcomers alike,” adds Miika Tams, VP Games. “Angry Birds Action! is the cornerstone of our comprehensive Digital Movie Program, which bridges digital and physical entertainment like never before, and with more than 1 billion BirdCodes to be found out in the wild, at a scale never seen before either.”


Gary "Dombalurina" Sheppard

Staff Writer

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