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S&box: Garry's Mod 2 Exists!

S&box: Garry's Mod 2 Exists!

S&box (pronounced “sandbox”), is the spiritual successor to Facepunch Studios founder Gary Newman’s aptly titled sandbox game Garry’s Mod.

It’s been long speculated that the sequel to the 2006 game would soon appear, along with many other well-known Source-based franchises. So far, only five games have been released since Source 2’s announcement back in 2015.

An early access build of S&box has been released to select developers as of last week, the current state of which has been described by prominent YouTube Reporter Tyler McVicker as:

“... not a game yet. S&box is a set of tools, and has months if not years left before it could be at the level of something like Garry’s Mod”.

Seeing as the original title was essentially a sandbox toolkit bolstered by community-made content, it only makes sense to grant access to creators who will populate the platform.

The tools provided in S&box will extend further than within the eco-system Facepunch is cultivating, allowing to streamline the creation and development process of Valve’s Source 2 engine.

If you want to know more about the development process behind S&box, Facepunch having been releasing monthly updates on their website.

Click here for gameplay footage and breakdown of Tyler’s experience with S&box’s early access build.

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Danielle Winter

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