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Sandbox RPG "Portal Knights" Demo Available on Switch

3D brick laying, monster fighting, item crafting, co-op sandbox Roleplaying Game Portal Knights has come to Nintendo Switch and has a new demo to go along with it.

While not particularly original in concept (fight monsters, collect resources, build structures, ect.), Portal Knights is notable for its RPG combat mechanics, charming Atmosphere, and gameplay through-line which sees players fighting against bosses in order to gain access to different biomes and stronger materials. The trailer, announcing access to the Demo, puts emphasis on the co-op aspects of the game as well, making sure to let players know about the game's two-player split-screen (a feature that sadly seems to be becoming rare) and 4-player online multiplayer options.

Owners of the Switch looking for a cartoony building-and-fighting RPG to play with friends can rejoice, as the game for them is here. Plus, with the ability to it for a first impression, without having to pay a penny, there's really no reason to not give Portal Knights a try, even if it turns out to be not right for you.

Caleb Ransbury

Caleb Ransbury

News Writer

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Acelister - 10:09pm, 9th May 2018

Sod the demo, buy it! It's great. I streamed it a bunch last year, and people seemed to like watching it. So you'll enjoy playing it even more.

djdawsonuk - 10:10pm, 9th May 2018

^ This.